Our personality

Reliable, trustworthy, innovative, forward-thinking, pioneering, quality-focused, customer-centric, inclusive, sustainable

With a focus on innovation, originality and vision, the Creator archetype fits well. The brand has pioneered new solutions and products for over 120 years. It is focused on shaping the future of energy infrastructure through its forward-thinking approach. The archetype captures the brand’s ingenuity and drive to keep creating better solutions for customers and society.

We do differently

LAPP Insulators North America provides reliable, high-quality insulators that are the backbone of a safe and resilient power grid. For over 120 years, our products have secured and protected energy infrastructure, enabling the efficient flow of electricity. While competitors focus on low costs, we differentiate through exceptional service, custom solutions, and a commitment to sustainability. Our insulators empower grid modernization and electrification, supporting the transition to renewable energy. With a legacy of innovation and social responsibility, we strengthen communities by delivering power that moves the world forward.

Our main differentiator is our unrelenting dedication to product quality, safety, and customer service. We don’t cut corners – we go the extra mile to ensure our insulators perform dependably for decades under harsh conditions. Our customers know they can trust us to help build and maintain a grid that brings light and life to millions.

Our Story

LAPP Insulators North America: Powering Progress Through Partnership

For over 120 years, LAPP Insulators North America has been an indispensable partner in powering progress and connecting communities. Our journey began in the 1890s, when two innovative German engineers developed revolutionary porcelain insulators that could withstand the elements and transmit electricity efficiently. This innovative spirit launched our company and cemented our reputation for engineering excellence early on.

As electricity networks grew rapidly in the 20th century, our insulators were there – holding up hundreds of thousands of miles of power lines across North America and securing the safe flow of current. We quickly became known as the “strength in the flow of current”, providing the critical components needed to distribute electricity reliably.

While our core mission has remained constant over the decades, our approach has evolved with the times. We’ve expanded our offerings to provide a diverse portfolio of products and solutions tailored to the needs of energy companies, utilities, and industrial customers today. As the grid ages and the energy landscape shifts, we’ve positioned ourselves at the forefront of grid modernization and electrification. Our focus is on developing smart solutions to address the challenges of transitioning to a cleaner, more resilient grid for the future.

At our core, we believe progress takes partnership. We collaborate closely with our customers, listening to their needs and co-creating solutions. Our technical expertise combined with a customer-first mentality has earned us a reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry. We take pride in bringing people together to power communities and enable positive change.

For over a century, LAPP Insulators North America has connected partners to enable progress. As we look to the future, we’ll continue innovating and collaborating – powering the transition to a smarter, more sustainable grid. Our strength remains in our people, our expertise, and our trusted partnerships across the energy landscape. Together, we’re energizing the future.

Our Core values

For over 120 years, we have provided safe, reliable, and efficient insulators that enable the efficient flow of electricity across the grid.