The new year is getting exciting – with LAPP LIKE

You will like it – our new Business Unit. It is called LAPP Insulators Knowledge and Engineering, in short LIKE, and launched officially on 2013/01/01 in the LAPP Insulators Group. LIKE represents our innovation management and cross-sector bundling of research and development. Headed by Dr.-Ing. Jens Martin Seifert, commissioner for application technology, development and quality, LAPP LIKE will provide customer-specific and optimized solutions beyond standard applications. "Many of our customers approach us with tasks that require more than just products", explained the specialist. "Within LIKE we develop individual industry solutions in close cooperation, consisting of quality products, innovative research and customized services for our customers."LIKE generates reliable and complete solutions adapted to specific requirements guaranteing competitiveness by economically and technically optimizing market position. In this context, new products and solutions, generated by LIKE, will continuously be developed based upon the expert advice and comprehenisve services of LAPP Insulators.LAPP LIKE is uniquily positioned to support OEM, transmission, and substation construction firms requiring high quality and technically innovative solutions with best in class functionality and service life.  To support these requirements, comprehensive testing is executed in LAPP Insulators’ own research labs, ranging from material to design testing. "With the introduction of LAPP LIKE we can cooperate more efficiently with our customers", summarized Dr.-Ing. Seifert. "Additional information regarding LIKE’s products, solutions and services can be found on it’s dedicated website, www.lapp-like.com."2012/12/22