Getting to know LAPP Insulators

The choice of options for a later profession is large and versatile. Therefore, nothing is more important than to be well informed from the start – both about the activities awaiting you in the different professions and the company and what it has to offer. LAPP Insulators looks forward to meeting young people, show them opportunities and perspectives and generating interest in the field of high performance ceramics. For this reason we offer department and training focussed internships tailored to your educational background.

can complete work placements with us over a brief period of one to six weeks in the following professions:

  • Industrial ceramicist (f/m)
  • Industrial technician (f/m)
  • Industrial business management assistant (f/m)
  • IT management assistant (f/m)
  • Electronics engineer (f/m)
  • Product designer (f/m)
  • Testing technologist ceramics (f/m)

Students in the subjects electrical engineering, high voltage test technology and FEM and BEM simulation and calculation are always welcome with us. Internships are usually available for a period of up to six months at the corporate headquarters in Wunsiedel, Germany but may also be agreed for a different duration. Our engineers offer you basic insights into practical implementation and empirical research in high voltage technology.

If interested in an internship please request information from:

Ms Stefanie Plannerer
Phone: +49 9232 50-287

LAPP Insulators GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 5
95632 Wunsiedel

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