Production methods

SIMOTEC quality insulators



With the patented expertise in the manufacture of the SIMOTEC hollow insulators the company was able to set new standards in insulating and high voltage technology. High demands are placed on our SIMOTEC insulator types that are predominantly used in switchgear construction.

SIMOTEC – Composites with know-how
Using the latest injection technology the silicone shielding for the SIMOTEC insulators is vulcanised up to six meters in length on the glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin tube. The tube is chemically connected with the shielding in such a way that a permanent bond is guaranteed under all conditions.

SIMOTEC – Safe quality

The joint between the tube and the fitting is immersed in silicone and generally of gas-tight design. Optionally the tubes can be fitted with a polyester liner as protection against SF6 decomposition products. The products of the SIMOTEC series are then tested in our own test lab on site for performance and quality.