Long-rod insulators

Strength under high voltage

They withstand weights of double digit tons over several decades and thus ensure the safe transportation of energy and power supply across hundreds of miles: our porcelain long-rod insulators. LAPP Insulators produces high quality products for high voltage and railway electricity networks since 1930.

Our insulators for transmission lines are produced in accordance with international standards and the respective customer specification for applications in the area of energy distribution and transmission in mechanical classes up to 400 kN tensile force. In addition, we also design entire insulator chains from long rods. To improve the outer layer properties our products are also available with silicone coating.





  • Voltage level: 1 – 1100 kV (>170 kV in chain design)
  • Maximum installation length: 2000 mm
  • Trunk diameter: 45 – 115 mm
  • Flexible leakage path up to 50 mm / kV
  • End fittings in accordance with IEC 60120, IEC 60471 and DIN 48006
  • Special designs available


Production method

  • Wet method
  • In accordance with standard: C130 high-strength alumina porcelain
  • Enamel colors: Brown RAL 8017
    and Grey ANSI 70


Manufactured in accordance with the standards

  • IEC 60433
  • IEC 60383
  • IEC 60672


Use in industry-specific solutions

  • Suspension and span poles for high voltage and railway electricity networks