Research labs

Uncompromising high performance ceramics


LAPP Insulators supports and invests heavily in research and innovation for high performance ceramics and composites. This is, for example, reflected in the establishment of its research and test labs. The group of companies has its own test lab at each production location monitoring the manufacture of the products from high performance ceramics and composites during and after the production process.

At regular intervals the research team of LAPP Insulators produces scientific studies that are e.g. presented during the CIGRE (International Council On Large Electric Systems) and whose results influence the IEC standards and thus the standards of the entire industry.

"High voltage house"
The company's own high voltage lab – the so-called "high voltage house" in Selb – is unique in Europe and conducts comprehensive test procedures on objects from LAPP Insultaors’ own production as well as on behalf of third parties. These include e.g. type and design tests for insulators and insulator strings in accordance with all IEC, ANSI and DIN-VDE standards.

Chemical-physical laboratory

At the corporate headquarters in Wunsiedel there is the chemical-physical laboratory that is used for central quality control. The analyses include wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, atomic absorption spectrometry, UV/VIS spectrometry, selected methods of X-ray diffractometry, hot gas extraction methods for O2/N2 detection in inorganic materials and BET detection using gas adsorption methods.