Switchgears – our engineers always keep mechanical stress in mind during the design stage.

Just like our hollow insulators and post insulators in switching devices, our products for switchgear construction are exposed to particular mechanical stresses. That’s because switchgears distribute the power across various lines in an AC grid.

They can also be considered a node at which lines from different directions meet. And these are precisely the stresses that our insulators must be able to withstand – for decades.

Material and design requirements

Where our post insulators are used outdoors, they are generally exposed to environmental contamination and extreme weather conditions. What’s important is that they are not affected by the local conditions.

And that’s precisely our guarantee to you. After all, flawless operational reliability over a long period of time also reflects your reliability and your reputation as an operator.

We provide the best solutions for switchgears.

Never mind the conditions

Mechanical and geometric adjustments to the local conditions – these are the outstanding features of the insulators produced by LAPP Insulators.

Our solutions are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of our customers in over 70 countries. They stand firm! Never mind the compression and bending stresses to which they are exposed. And never mind the environmental and climate factors that they need to withstand.