Overhead lines – our manufacturing specifically targets durability.

Insulators made by LAPP Insulators are distinguished by the fact that they are individually tailored to meet every requirement.

This means that our long rod insulators are not standardized, mass-produced components, but rather they are precisely adapted to the existing climate, environmental, and stress conditions. And that’s precisely what makes them so well-suited for overhead lines.

Strength and climate resilience requirements

Our insulators used in overhead lines are exposed to huge mechanical stresses on a daily basis, as the masts to transport electrical energy can be up to 500 meters apart. The weight of the cable on the insulators is enormous.

And they need to be able to withstand these forces for decades without this impacting their operational reliability.

We provide the best solutions for overhead lines.

Never mind the ambits

The precise adjustment of the product to the specific installation site allows the insulators to be used all over the world. Even if different environmental conditions exist along the overhead line route.

The energy transition in Germany is a good example: The grid expansion and energy transport from north to south require insulators that can withstand the weather conditions on the long routes from the ocean to the mountains.

Individually optimized products need to be used for the different regional conditions. Only then is maximum functionality and operational reliability ensured. Our solutions are always developed with a view towards the longest possible service life as well as optimum safety to efficiently master these challenges.