OEM – our ceramic insulators are focused on safety and efficiency.

For our customers from the OEM sector, we produce high-quality, ceramic hollow and post insulators as well as ceramic insulating housing. These safety-relevant components need to be mechanically robust and durable, while also ensuring safe operation.

Ultimately, they are processed in a variety of ways. On the one hand, our ceramic insulators need to withstand high internal pressure. On the other, they also need to deal with high bending stress, like those caused by forces of nature such as an earthquake.

Safety and efficiency requirements

We offer our customers unbreakable insulators that can withstand various forces over many decades. These insulators draw on our extensive experience in projects from over 70 countries. Every single project has had different challenges that have allowed us to continue to expand our experience and know-how.

Our products are compact, provide exceptional insulation, and are resistant to natural environmental influences and contamination. And this is precisely what makes them so efficient. In addition, we usually also need to specifically adapt them to the location and climate at their place of installation to ensure that they remain reliable for decades.

We provide the best solutions for OEMs.

Never mind the demands

We respond to all the different requirements and demands with perfectly tailored adjustments in design and shape. The special design of our products for the OEM sector gives them a kind of geometric safeguard against natural contamination and climatic influences.

Our products are regularly tested and continuously optimized, with a view to both the material as well as the patented manufacturing processes.

This optimization is based on a rock-solid foundation of know-how and years of experience. Because we know exactly what our existing customers want and the conditions to which our products are exposed. And we also use this extensive knowledge in consultations with new customers and for initial projects – as well as to continue learning.