LAPP Insulators – we give you an insight into the history of our company.

The LAPP Insulators Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-voltage insulators with a global sales network and references in over 70 countries. In Germany, our company has its traditional roots in the renowned Rosenthal and Siemens brands and extends back to 1889 – in America to 1916.

The various LAPP Insulators sites all have their own history and their own journey that continues to this very day. This allows the existing Group to draw on a wealth of knowledge from different countries. Find out more about our strategy, philosophy, expertise, and our history. Innovation and tradition are a common thread at every level across the Group.

Our strategy

Our strategy in the company is based on successfully combining tradition and innovation. Permanent investment in research, development, and the constant optimization of our production and business processes help to create the conditions that help us develop our solutions and commit to our values.

Our innovative research

From the very beginning, LAPP Insulators has stood for innovative solutions the world over. These innovations are the result of our continuous development as well as our drive to offer our customers individually tailored designs with premium products and strong service. This is precisely what distinguishes our business relationships.

Our product expertise

Premium and certified quality is the result of a unique depth of production: Our production chain extends from the raw material through to the finished product. For our customers, this guarantees the greatest possible reliability and safety of our products, as well as maximum availability. The longevity of our products also supports the financial profitability of our customers.

Our partnership-based solutions

Our teams at LAPP Insulators are comprised of competent specialists in the products as well as the relevant industries. We quickly and efficiently develop individual concepts and entire solutions for the specific operating site. A partnership with us lets you enjoy optimal sales support as well as the best delivery performance.

Our reliability

Our company has broad roots in Germany and in America that highlight its unbreakable continuity. Our customers can count on the fact that our contacts in the production area will remain the same for decades. At LAPP Insulators, reliability means adherence to deadlines as well as fast and flexible response times.

Our environmental protection

These days, environmental protection and sustainability are the two key concepts that determine how we use our resources in the company and look far ahead to consider future generations.

A quality feature of LAPP Insulators is its ability to manufacture products efficiently in a manner that is compatible with environmental requirements. Our manufacturing is based on the latest international standards with the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system as well as the use of cutting-edge machines and manufacturing methods.

This is underpinned by the precise definition of an in-house environmental policy and the constant commitment to achieve and exceed the environmental targets that are set. This means generating a production chain that has the smallest possible adverse impact on people and the environment.

LAPP Insulators is particularly focused on this critical factor when manufacturing and designing its products, and its research constantly strives to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, resource conservation, as well as plant and work safety.

Our certifications

LAPP Insulators companies, workflows, and products have received multiple certifications. After all, our goal is to supply our customers with safe and environmentally compatible products and services that meet their expectations.

Our companies

  • Quality management system ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental management system ISO 14001:2015
  • Occupational health and safety management OHRIS

Our products

  • DIN
  • IEC
  • ANSI

These certifications are our assurance of product and service quality in line with the defined, internationally applicable standards. Please feel free to view our certificates in our download area. You can find the product-specific versions of the manufacturing standards on the specific pages for our different types of insulators.