LAPP Insulators Group

Location Selb (D)



LAPP Insulators GmbH
"High voltage house"
Wilhelmstraße 14
95100 Selb

Building dimensions
22 m x 30 m x 21 m

Founding year



  • Company-own high voltage lab
  • Concentrated research and development work
  • Performance of comprehensive test procedures
  • Electrophysical demonstrations for companies, schools and universities
  • "High voltage house" with short distance to the corporate headquarters
  • Industry memorial

Test procedures in accordance with all IEC, ANSI and DIN-VDE standards:

  • Alternating voltage test: dry up to 1300 kV, wet up to 1000 kV
  • Lightning surge test up to 2100 kV
  • Switching surge test up to 1300 kV
  • Corona and RIV measurements up to 380 kV test voltage
  • Mechanical tests: 4-point bending test, expansion measurement
  • Material test Electrical arc, leakage current and breakdown test
  • Thermal-mechanical tests: Temperature range: -50 °C to +50 °C