LAPP Insulators – History

Combination of traditional know-how

The LAPP Insulators group of companies combines in its current form a wide-ranging traditional wealth of knowledge. The various locations of LAPP Insulators each had their own history of development.

The beginnings in Wunsiedel

The corporate headquarters of LAPP Insulators in Wunsiedel were already founded in 1901 as a factory of the company J. v. Schwarz and traded in 1971 together with a branch of the world-renowned porcelain manufacturer of Selb as Rosenthal Stemag. The merger of the companies continued later under the well known brands HOECHST CeramTec and CeramTec.

Growth in Redwitz

The location of LAPP Insulators in Redwitz was established in 1950 as a new factory by Siemens and extended already in 1996 with the production location in the Polish Jedlina Zdroj which had roots back to 1857. As the Silesian porcelain factory Julius Schwarz it contributed a great deal to the further development of porcelain used in electrical engineering. The two factories were integrated into the Argillon Group in 2002 and extended in 2004 by the acquisition of the location in the Romanian Turda.

The development in Le Roy

In 1916 the company founder John S. Lapp experimented in Le Roy, New York, with porcelain materials to generate an alternative to the widely used glass insulator at the time. Following successful formulation of an electrical grade porcelain, LAPP Insulators continued to grow in the electric power segment by accepting many customer requirements that were too difficult for other porcelain manufactures. The ability to manufacture difficult and specialty products resulted in LAPP developing insulators used in aviation, mobile communications and new radar systems during the 1940s and 1950s to support the US defense industry.  The continued honing of Lapp’s skills of manufacturing porcelain lead the company to becoming an innovator and leader within the US high voltage porcelain insulator market throughout the 20th century.

The company merger

In 2001 the insulator manufacturer LAPP Insulators, who had continually grown till then, acquired the production location of CeramTec in Wunsiedel and integrated in 2008 the alumina and insulator branch of the Argillon Group with its three locations into the corporation.

In August 2011 Quadriga Capital with the participation of the management acquired all shares of the LAPP Insulators Group and moved the corporate headquarters to Wunsiedel.